Be a Good Role Model


Your kids learn from everything you do. When they see you take time to exercise and cook healthy meals, you’re teaching them that being healthy is important. Try to be a good example, but also talk to your kids about how being healthy is a lifestyle instead of a chore. Focus on telling them how making healthy choices will help them  feel good.  

Let Them See You Sweat

Exercise with your kids and in front of them so they know being physically active matters. Exercising every day is a great way to spend time together—you get to hang out with your kids and get healthy as a family. Find exercises that you can do together!

Mom tip

“I like to have cleaning contests with my kids. I challenge them to see who can get their rag the dirtiest while dusting or wiping down counters.” –Meghan


Have Family Meals 

Eating together as a family is great for everyone. It’s a chance for the family to be together to talk and share stories. Cooking and serving a healthy meal is also a great way to get kids to try new foods. If dinner doesn’t work for your family’s schedule, you can have breakfast together, or even an after-school snack. Set a goal to have four meals together each week.

Did You Know

Turn off the TV and talk about your day. Go around the table and have each person say the two best things that happened.


Making a Difference Every Day

There are lots of little things you can do each day to set a good example for your kids.

  • Take a family walk after dinner, or walk your kids to school.
  • Play outside together. Shoot some hoops or kick a ball around.
  • Shop together for healthy foods. Let each child pick out their favorite healthy snack.
  • Cook and clean the kitchen together.

Mom tip

“In our family, everyone has a job. The smaller kids set the table and help wash vegetables. When you’re old enough, you can help cook.” –Susan