Family Friendly Fitness


Sometimes our kids need a nudge to get off the couch. And let’s be honest, sometimes we do too. So enjoy some family fun with these activities. You’ll be exercising, and you may not even realize it!

  • Have a hula-hoop contest.
  • Play Simon Says. Ask everyone to touch their toes, reach up high, make circles with their arms, and do jumping jacks.  
  • Walk the dog.
  • Have a jumping jacks contest. Who can do the most during a TV commercial break?
  • Go on a nature walk. In the fall and winter, look for leaves to collect. In the spring and summer, look for wildflowers to pick. 
  • Do a playground workout while the kids are playing. Build your arm muscles on the monkey bars. Pump your leg muscles on the swing. Do tricep dips on a park bench. 
  • Hit the track. Walk or run while your children ride their bikes. 

Mom tip

“Once a week, we have a game night. We use a deck of cards along with a list of exercises that go with each card. If you draw a King, then you do jumping jacks. If you draw a queen, then you do lunges. Let the whole family make up their favorite moves.“ –Rachel


Tire Them Out!

See how one mom keeps her toddler busy.

Learn Some New Dance Moves

Crank up your favorite music and dance the night (or day) away with your favorite people. Dancing is more than just fun—it burns 200 to 800 calories per hour. These online videos make it easy to learn new steps:

Sports and Games

Toss a ball back and forth. Have races in the yard. By playing sports with your kids when they are young, you help them find things they may love to do for a lifetime.


Soccer is a great sport for teaching quick thinking and fast responses. You can work on ball skills when your kids are young. Keep yourself sharp by moving along with them. 


Basketball builds hand-eye coordination and endurance, and you can play it all year! Shoot hoops at the playground, or challenge each other with passing or dribbling drills. Even younger kids like playing easy games like Horse.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is good for your heart, and you can jump at your own pace. Share jump rope rhymes and songs you know with your kids, and work up to Double-Dutch jumping.


Hopscotch works the body and the brain! Plus, you can work together to draw and decorate a cool hopscotch design. 


Tag is all about running around outdoors! Playing with you kids will get you moving while everyone has fun together.

Mom tip

“We watch dance videos and try to learn the different steps. My younger son is the best at it, so he figures it out and then teaches me. It is a great way to be active together and laugh a lot.” –Ceci


Get Fit Together

Get moving with family, friends, and neighbors.