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Healthy Tips for Healthy Families

Liz (
Need ideas for active things you can do with your kids? Watch to see Liz’s tips.
You don’t have to join a gym. Maria shares how she stays active.
Sarah (
See how Sarah gets her kids to eat spinach.
Sivan (
Sivan shares the benefits of daily walks for her family.
Maria (
When is soda not soda? This mom makes juice sparkle.

Cooking Videos

Try extra-virgin olive oil as a healthy and delicious swap for butter when making this vegetarian dish.
Pair this one-dish supper of ground turkey and vegetables with brown rice for a delicious meal.
Veggies? Check. Simple? Check. Tasty? Check! Try it tonight.
Tastes like rice, made with veggies. Yes, your kids will love it!
Best part about this Four-Layer Casserole? Lunch the next day! Watch for the recipe.
Edamame Bean Dip: quick, fresh, and perfect for summer.
Zesty Asian Chicken Salad: delicious AND easy! Try it tonight.

Move more – Find easy ways for you and your family to move more.

Dancing (
The best way to get more physically active is by doing something you enjoy. Like dancing.
Get moving with your friends, family, and neighbors. Try these ideas.
You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. Learn how to be more active at home.
Take a walk (
Walking has lots of health benefits. See how just 30 minutes a day can make a big difference.
Taking the stairs can help you stay active and lose weight. Learn how.
Fun ways to get you and your family moving.
Small steps can make a difference. Take the first step and watch to learn ways to stay fit.

Eat right – Find quick, healthy tips for feeding your family.

High blood pressure can be harmful to your health. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help control and prevent it.
Diabetes (
Learn about these easy tips to make healthy food choices, be active and stay at a healthy weight to help prevent diabetes
Watching what you eat starts with looking at your plate.
Low Sodium (
Keeping track of the amount of salt in your diet is important. Learn what to look for on the food label and start there.
Protein Power (
Everybody needs protein! Learn about some affordable options to get more in your diet.
Learn ways to be healthy.
Make your food budget go further when you buy in bulk.
The most important meal of the day can be healthy and fast.
Snacks can be healthy and yummy. Try these tips for snacks to take to school.
Find great ways to dish out healthier meals.
Find food substitutes that are healthy and still taste great.
Check food labels to make the best choices.
Find great tips to eat out and eat healthy.
Tips on how to shop smart and save.
Cutting out one sugary drink each day can equal 15 pounds in a year. Find some great sugar-free drink options.
Learn easy ways to make fruit your new daily snack.