Easy Energy Bites


Easy Energy Bites

Easy Energy Bites

Using unsweetened coconut flakes in these energy bites makes this snack low in sugar.


½ cup rolled oats or old-fashioned oats
½ cup crushed pretzel sticks
⅓ cup coconut flakes
⅓ cup chopped nuts: pecans, peanuts, or cashews
½ cup dried fruit: raisins, cherries, etc.       
½ cup nut butter: peanut, almond, etc.
½ cup bran cereal, crushed in a plastic bag


  1. Mix all ingredients except crushed bran cereal in a large bowl.
  2. Form into small balls.
  3. Place the Energy Bites into a plastic bag with bran cereal and shake to coat.
  4. Note: rolled balls will last 3-4 days in a sealed container.



Prep and cook time: 

Prep time: 8 min.

Nutritional Information: 

Amount per serving: 222 calories; Carbohydrate: 20g; Fat: 15g; Protein: 5g; Dietary fiber: 2g

Recipe credit: 

Contributed by Houston Food Bank